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The Orca Circular Beach Towel

Designer: The Wanderlust Collection

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This product is an exciting new addition to the world of beaches and holidays. A dreamer is a huge, striking, round beach towel, brand new to the UK and big enough for a family of four to sit on, or two to be wrapped in.  A dreamer is made of top quality absorbent towelling with a velour backing to give it luxurious softness and thickness. It comes packaged in a gorgeous linen drawstring bag - perfect for transporting around! 

The Orca, an ode to the ocean. Gorgeous blue waves, whale tails and a touch of coral seashells. The perfect beach companion. The Orca round towel is 150cm in diameter and is made from premium 100% cotton velour, making it an ultra plush but versatile multi-purpose towel.